android video app

4x Android Video Applications

The theme of this round cycle is playback, recording and video processing. Therea are a total of six applications with which you can watch a movie, edit video from vacation, or prepare a short film combining reality and special effects on your phone or tablet.   MX Player Applications MX Player has seen almost unbelievable […]

Anti-theft system in any phone

Anti-theft System in Any Phone? Maybe Soon

I reach into my pocket, where traditionally nest my mobile sweetheart, but what? The pocket is empty. With the increased heartbeat slow brain realizes what is happening – I lost my cell phone, or worse, someone stole it for me. A similar scenario certainly met a lot of our readers and phone theft is a […]

Application Frontback

Application Frontback – Shoot from Both Sides of the Phone

Most of today’s phones have multiple camera. One key located on the back and one in front for taking selfie photos, video calls, and so on. Authors applications Frontback said that it would be interesting to shoot both cameras at the same time. Said application for some time now resides in the AppStore and developers […]

Strange apps

Strange Applications of All Time

You seem like a fairly normal, ordinary people? So you have not seen the application of our list of strangest applications of all time. Thanks to them with an overview to get the feeling that you were born in another century, or just on a completely different planet.   It is clear that creating something […]


The Applications for iOS Textio, You Learn to Read at Lightning Speed

Developers know that time is a precious commodity, and therefore comes with an application that will save you a lot of time reading. TEXTIO is literally speedreading tool, which you can download from the App Store tomorrow.   Textio uses the simple principle of rapid imaging of individual words in the text. You do not […]

Apple Passbook Cards 2

Windows Phone 8.1 Now Supports Apple Passbook Cards

A Club Card card, do you have? Billa card? Are you a member of Ikea Family? I’m sure you know, just once to make a purchase in virtually any store and you immediately imposed a card that will ensure future purchases at breathtaking discounts. Person to take over the shopping small bag that will brim […]


KMPlayer: Video Player that can Handle all Formats and Codecs

Video player for Android Play Store is almost endless crowd. We can now introduce one of the youngest (was published on March 20 this year) – KMPlayer from developers PANDORA.TV offers all the necessary features and a nice serving of “cool things” in addition. Main features Our media library feature, through which you can easily […]

Mobiles Without Batteries

Mobiles Without Batteries? The Warmth of the Human Body will be Used to Charge Your Phone!

I guess everyone knows that heat is one of the main methods used to generate electricity, the heat emitted by the human body is not an exception. The research team led by Professor Jo Byeong-Jin from the Korean Institute of Science and technology has long been exploring the possibility of charging devices that we use […]

Razer Nabu 1

Smart Bracelet Razer Nabu Arrive in June

Various wearable device manufacturers constantly innovate and invent what would only be able to attract customers. For example, the smart wristbands is so far mostly fitness recording output and daily activities, but gradually added to bracelets also display that shows various notifications and to some extent replaces smart watch.   It has to be one […]

Moves 3

Moves: Your Personal Activity Monitor

Applications for movement monitoring the rage now. One of those would be in your smartphone is clearly Moves should not miss. Offers comprehensive design and the battery will immediately discharged.   If you want to know how much you have done steps per day, how long you rode a bike, or even where you did […]