Easter Eggs – Fun Hidden in Your Phone

Do you think the programmers are just nerds with spectacles, who wears only ones and zeros humor and the word means nothing to them at all? So you are completely wrong! And they love to laugh from the heart and sometimes on his humor even share with us common users. How? Why, it hides directly […]

Zalman ZM-WE450

Zalman Introduced an External Box with Wifi, Which can Charge Your Smartphone or Tablet

The company offers Zalman was extended by an external box that provides not only convenient to carry data stored on the HDD or SSD, but also offers the mobile device charger and is also equipped with a wireless interface.   Box is used not only for traditional USB 3.0 cable connection (support up to 2TB […]

The Main Weapon of Google

The Main Weapon of Google, Apple And Amazon? Exclusivity Applications

It is quite a known fact that today there are the greatest tractive force platforms and quality of applications. Both factors, however, are relative total – total number of applications can easily be artificially inflating the primitive single-purpose creations often are books, magazines or RSS reader each site published as a separate application. Quality is […]

android smartphones survey

Survey: In the first Three Months of This Year has Sold 267 Million Handsets

Surveys of the global market will always bring interesting numbers, which often are difficult to imagine. Was no exception TrendForce exploration company, which analyzed during the first quarter of this year. The figures TrendForce talking about 267 million phones sold in the period from January to March. That’s pretty unbelievable number, but it is not […]

Optical Zoom HTC

HTC Preparing phone with Optical Zoom

The director of special projects HTC has recently left the interview to hear that the Taiwanese handset manufacturer is close to making just their phones next year already possess optical zoom. This would lead to significant improvements in cameras, smartphones, while approaching the DSLR cameras.   According to Symon Whitehorn is also only a matter […]


Latest Android Apps from Google Play

Happy Easter! As a first look today at the tooth application Anime Online for watching almost all anime movies / serials on your device. The following iOS Launcher 7, which allows you to test your device from iOS7 environment. Our third tip is an application for taking photos Retrica, which offers a wide range of […]

Bikign apps

Going on a Bike? These Applications will not be Missed!

Going on a bike and you want to really enjoy? So take along with you mobile phone! We will advise you what applications can do it before the install path that has been taken care of you in all possible ways!   Mobile phone holder on bike To navigate the map while still did not […]

transfer files from pc to iphone

Instructions for Transferring Files between Your iOS Device and Your Computer

Do you also have happened that you thought how it would be possible to send the file to your iOS device? If you are a beginner on this platform or upgrading from an Android, you will appreciate some tips and advice on how to do it.   The transition from Android it’s even a little […]


Fantasy Collectible Card Game Hearthstone, You can Now Play on iPad

Blizzard continues to create the perfect platform games. After the PC to Hearthstone you embark on your iPad. Doing so will serve the same battle and you’ll be greeted very similar user interface.   Hearthstone subtitled Heroes of the Storm is a collectible fantasy card game, in which you meet with almost all major characters […]

Know the Word

Know the Word – Puzzle Style PixWords

Easter Monday is approaching and for many of you it may mean a little time off and rest. If such a moment, looking at Google Play a fun game that you glued to the phone, we are here for you to type, which is very similar to Game PixWords. Yes, this is another puzzle game. […]